Today we had a great discussion on Facebook Live. Our presenter was Saafir Jenkins.

The topic: A Day in Our Shoes presents ‘Access Denied’, a webinar exploring the impact of racial segregation in education. Generations of segregation practices in the US continue to plague students of all backgrounds. Meanwhile, students with IEPs are especially harmed due to the exasperation of existing exclusionary teaching practices. Access Denied will walk through the destructive history of segregation, society’s response to integration efforts, and the modern systems that maintain segregation today. 

Our Speaker, Saafir Jenkins

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Saafir Jenkins is the Chief Public Affairs Officer of Newark Special Education Parent Advisory Council (“SEPAC”), an organization that actively advocates for the rights of individuals with disabilities and equity within Newark Public Schools and across NJ. Saafir is also the President and Founder of Optimum Human Centered Solutions LLC, a company that is committed to fostering meaningful culture change with person-centered solutions. He is a Devoted Father, Committed Education Advocate, Impactful Keynote Speaker, Family Psycho-Educator and a dynamic People and Culture Management Executive.

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Resources Mentioned

To contact Saafir or access the resources we discussed today:

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