What does LEA stand for in Special Education?

LEA is one of those special education acronyms that is more complex than it needs to be. The LEA is a largely misunderstood position or role at IEP meetings. Many parents want to exclude the LEA from their IEP meeting, which is not a good decision.

LEA in Special Education

The LEA is the person who represents the school district and has the authority to allocate resources. If you ask for something that is costly like a 1:1 aide or private out of district placement, it means an LEA was not present at your IEP meeting.

Who can be an LEA at an IEP meeting?

Anyone can be an LEA at an IEP meeting. It can be anyone from a teacher to a principal, or a related service provider. As long as that person has the authority to allocate district resources, then they are the LEA.

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