The Secret that will have you Stop Stressing over IEP Meetings.

As an advocate, I've learned that the IEPE meeting is pretty much the least important part of the process. For the most part, it's irrelevant. Ok, not irrelevant, but certainly not worthy of the amount of weight we put into it.

The Secret to Stress-Free IEP Meeting

IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. Program. IEPs are much more complex and data-driven than they were when IDEA was first passed in 1975. Predetermination is not allowed. Working collaboratively with all parts of the IEP team and doing pre-work is allowed.

So why do we stress out over IEP meetings?

There shouldn't be any surprises at an IEP meeting. Even if your team is hostile and not receptive to ongoing communication, this can be done. The outcome is still the same, whether they tell you in person or via email and documentation. They still owe you a PWN.

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