The Many Flaws of School FBAs and Behavior Plans

I’m going to outline some common themes that I see in insufficient FBAs and Behavior Plans.

Delving deeper into IEP components, FBA is an acronym for Functional Behavior Assessment/Analysis, with schools often using the last word interchangeably.

What is an FBA and Behavior Plan?

A behavior plan is a plan developed by the IEP team, based upon information gained in the FBA. The whole process is designed to improve good behavior and eliminate negative behaviors in a child.

The Problems with FBA's

Here are some of the common issues that I see with FBAs.

Anyone can do an FBA. 

IDEA and most state regs do not designate this for only one staff person.

Most FBAs that I’ve seen rarely dig deep enough. 

This is a summary of an actual conversation I had with a parent recently. They may address the four functions of behavior, but that’s it.

FBAs are often done, and the IEP is not being implemented in the first place.  

If your child has accommodations and strategies in their IEP, they are there for a reason.

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