The IEP Team Met Without Me!

A common theme that I encounter with parents is unrealistic expectations. Not everyone fully understands the IEP process and what it entails. If you are expecting something to occur that is not going to occur, and it doesn't, it's important to think about why it didn't happen.

An IEP Meeting without a Parent?

The IEP team is allowed to meet without you. School districts are required to hold an annual IEP meeting with the parent. The school district is only bound to one meeting per year with you. It is best practice for school staff to meet and discuss students' progress, with or without an IEP.

Can I require them to invite me to all meetings?

If you feel slighted or ganged up on by a team meeting without you, then there's more to unpack and fix. Part of successful IEP advocacy is developing collaborative relationships. Approaching a situation with the mindset of "they're meeting to plot against me!" is not likely to be fruitful.

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