Should I Bring Food to the IEP Meeting? | Pros and Con

I have not and don’t ever plan to bring any food or gifts to an IEP meeting, either as a parent or as an advocate. And here’s my reasoning. (FWIW, when you read this you will probably think that I have waaayyyy overthought this. I probably have. I overthink a lot of things.) According to the law and Procedural Safeguards, parents are an equal member of the IEP team. In my opinion, bringing in food or gifts of any kind changes that. Are they bringing you any food or gifts? No, they’re not. See how that’s uneven?

Arguments for Bringing Food to IEP meeting

A few group members have said that they will continue to bring food. Their reasoning is that they usually have afternoon meetings and that they want the team to be focused. On one hand, yeah, ok, I kind of get it. On the other hand, not my job to bring snacks. If you know you have a late meeting, you prepare. And I’d just try for a different meeting time.

Gifts for your IEP team

Gift giving is important, but there is a time and a place for gift giving and being thankful for your team. Peace offering is a good idea if you've been an unreasonable jerk. 

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