Requesting an IEP Meeting | Who | How | Letter Templates

Who can request an IEP meeting? How do you request an IEP meeting? Can a parent request an IEP meeting any time they want? So I’m going to sort it out for–the myths and facts. When you can (and should) ask for an IEP meeting. Plus, including some templates at the bottom to request them.

Asking for an IEP Meeting: Parents Right

Myth: You have to wait until your child’s annual IEP renewal date to have a meeting. No, you do not. A parent can request one at any time. However, I recommend that if you are within 6-8 weeks of your child’s annual IEP renewal that you wait until the annual meeting.  

Emergency IEP Meeting

Myth: A parent can demand an emergency IEP meeting. This is a myth in 49 out of 50 states. California has a provision that the team must respond to a meeting request within 5 days. But, there is no emergency IEP meeting in 49 states. 

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