Printable List of IEP & 504 Accommodations for Disabled Students

Looking for ideas to share with your IEP or 504 Plan team? Look no further! Many readers have requested a list of SDIs or strategies, and here it is!

IEP Accommodations This a friendly reminder that accommodations only accommodate, or allow the child to access their education. Accommodations do not teach!

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504 Plan Accommodations List

Student Classroom IEP Accommodations

1. A quiet area to complete the work or take a test. 2. Having someone read a test to them.

Student Accommodations for Difficult Transitions

1. Visual cues in hallways to guide the child to the next classroom or cafeteria. 2. Personal timeouts to regroup and prepare for the transition.

Language-Based Accommodations

1. Minimal use of open-ended statements or question. 2. Do not use sarcasm or inferences when communicating with the student.

People and Peer-Based Accommodations and Interventions

- Buddy system for unstructured times - Peer to peer tutoring as appropriate

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