List of 504 Accommodations for Anxiety

This one is requested so often in our IEP parent group. I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to get around to compiling a list of 504 accommodations for anxiety disorder, including depression.

504 Plan Accommodations for Anxiety. As always, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the internet. Please seek their input for anything related to your child’s health needs.

504 Plan Accommodations for Anxiety. If your child has anxiety and/or depression, you may want 504 accommodations, but keep in mind that accommodations can compensate for skill gaps.

Anxiety Accommodations: Classroom and Environment

One way to make your family update stand out is by highlighting your family’s achievements from the past year. Too gag-worthy? Then don’t. Or, totally OWN it and call it "brags and gags."

Anxiety Accommodations: Classroom and Environment

Avoid using jokes, and sarcasm or bringing unwanted attention to the student. (I love this one!)

Anxiety Accommodations: Homework and Test

Clearly stated and written expectations (behavioral and academic) Frequent check-ins for understanding, prompted by the teacher.

504 Plan Accommodations for Anxiety

Help after illness: Missed work can spike anxious feelings. Providing class notes and exempting students from missed homework can help.

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