How to Not Cry at your IEP Meeting

During the meeting, we are going to discuss the following: – your child’s undesirable behavior – all of the ways they are not measuring up to their age-peer – any and all skills that they’ve lost or areas of regression – all their fault – and all of their shortcomings. When you go to this meeting, if you ask for things to try to fix, we will continually say “no.” Moreover, tell you that your opinions are wrong. Would you go to this meeting?

An IEP Meeting is a Business Meeting

Crying is normal. But I don’t cry at IEP meetings anymore. I treat my IEP meeting as a business meeting. I am there on business. To get my child’s needs met.  Sometimes our emotions get the best of us, and we have all been there. However, I don’t think that any mom feels fierce or empowered in the moments that she is crying at IEP meetings. 

The Reasons We Cry at IEP Meetings

1. You’re sad because you are again reminded of your child’s skill losses or health issues. 2. Your child hasn’t made as much progress as you had hoped, and the gap is widening. 3. You want to help but don’t feel empowered or knowledgeable enough to change things. 4. You’re worried about your child’s future. 5. Tears of frustration-you don’t feel you’re being listened to.

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