How to Get a 1:1 Aide/Para Added to an IEP

Some schools call them 1:1 aides, some call them paraprofessionals. Here in my state, we call them PCAs. Yes, another special education acronym.

But, regardless of what your state calls it, you landed here because you think that your child needs a 1:1 during the school day.

Many parents have the right ideas, but struggle to express them in the language and process of an IEP.

Guidelines and Justification for a 1:1 Aide/Para on an IEP

What qualifies a student for a 1:1 aide?

Special education is rooted in individualization. An a la carte menu of supports and services, as suggested by IDEA, contradicts this principle.

How to Get Your Child a 1:1 Aide

1. Define the need. 2. Define the tasks/responsibilities. 3. Approach your team.

Types of Special Education Aides/Paraprofessionals

– one on one aide – one on one paraprofessional – behavioral support aide – behavior support professional

Is a 1:1 Aide LRE for your Child?

LRE or Least Restrictive Environment is something to consider as well. For a kid, it’s really just not too cool to have a grown up hanging around you all the time.

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