55 Functional Money and Math IEP Goals including Modern Money Skills 

Remember when we were little, and we thought nickels were worth more than dimes, just because they were bigger?

Ah, those were the days. As part of adulting, we need to teach our kids practical money skills which are a subset of functional math goals.

Money as a topic usually falls under functional math. However, for kids with IEPs, it is also an independent living skill. Or a set of skills. Debt is a huge problem.

1. Functional Math Goal

2. Teaching Money to Kid

I’m not suggesting that we stop teaching kids about coins and dollars and making change. Sure, that’s a useful skill.

3. Functional Math IEP Goals Example

Before moving on to these more modern money skills, you want to make sure that your child has the foundational skills to successfully manage money.

4. Money Skills are Math Skill

I also grew up in a household where money was an “adult topic” and I was never included in conversations.

Modern Money IEP Goal

These are some skills that a student would benefit from knowing how to do, in today’s society. As always, put the skill in the IEP Goal Formula to make it measurable.

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