Can a Parent Record an IEP Meeting? | Recording Laws for 50 States

There are two main things to consider when deciding to record your IEP meeting, as far as negative repercussions. One is breaking the law and the other is throwing a wet blanket over your relationship with your district personnel. The benefit, of course, is that you will have everything that is said during the meeting to review at a later time. 

Check recording laws and policies. This is important. Different states have different laws regarding recording others. In some states, all parties must agree or you cannot do it. In other states, you don’t even have to inform the other parties that they are being recorded. It varies. 

Ask yourself why you want to record the meeting. This is pretty simple. Why do you want to record the meeting? Do you struggle with concentrating on the meeting and fully participating and note-taking all at the same time? Lots of people do. 

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