7 Real-Life Examples of Misogyny at IEP Meetings.

The misogyny of IEP meetings.

I receive a lot of criticism for catering to women on this blog. It's usually in response to a post that has "moms" in the title, such as "The extraordinary burden of IEPs on moms." Recently, I wrote about moms needing to suppress their inner 4-year-old, and I heard from an IEP dad. My readership has been 96% female for 8+ years, and every time this topic comes up, my readership shows up as 96% female.

IEP Meetings Shouldn’t Be This Way.

I have been to many IEP meetings and have seen first hand how rude and condescending some staff can be. It is no secret that my clients have been discriminated against based on race, command of English language and socio-economic status, but I was surprised to learn how widespread this is among all kinds of moms. I asked in my Facebook group.

Signs of Misogyny at IEP Meeting

Here are a few things that may be happening to you. – Being talked over – Being cut off-Sheryl Sandberg calls them “manterruptors” – Concerns brushed off, not taken seriously – Having things man-splained to you – People talking slowly to explain things to you, even after you’ve made it clear you understand – not being treated as an equal member of the team

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