57 Functional Communication IEP Goals

One of the biggest obstacles that some IEP students have is lack of appropriate, functional communication. A lack of functional communication is often one of the biggest barriers to independence.

Appropriate and Functional Communication. Pressing a button on your talker to say "I want" is not just functional but also appropriate, unlike one of the boys snatching it from Kevin.

Functional Communication is how a person independently communicates his/her wants and needs and socializes with others.

What is Functional Communication? 

Eliminating Ableism from Functional Communication

When a person with autism is happy, it is ok to flap or let out a squeal of happiness.

Eliminating Ableism from Functional Communication

We need to get better at teaching non-disabled students that the way some of their classmates communicate is different, but it’s not bad.

IEP Goals for Functional Communication

- Continue a behavior when praised, encouraged, and otherwise orally reinforced. - Stop an undesirable or inappropriate behavior when asked or warned to do so.

IEP Goals for Functional Communication

- Respond appropriately to oral commands. - Respond correctly to oral instructions. - Obey the commands and instructions of others in emergency situations.

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