50 Math IEP Goals and Objectives (Printable List PDF) 

Math IEP goals are one of my nemeses as an advocate. Because here’s the thing. Very few math skills are stand-alone skills.

Math IEP Goals. To perform even the most basic skill, a student needs other foundation skills.

Math Goals. Being able to memorize your home address and knowing where you live are two different skills.

Foundations of Math Skills

• Understanding size, measurements • Number sense • Ability to count verbally (first forward, then backward)

• Understanding one-to-one correspondence (i.e., matching sets, or knowing which group has four and which has five) • pattern • estimating • sequences • problem-solving

Foundations of Math Skills

Math Skills IEP Goals

I know that many parents and educators come to lists of IEP math goals, choose what fits, and that's it.

Math Goals for an IEP

I have Money Goals for an IEP in a related post. And Word Problem IEP Goals are a separate post too.

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