40 IEP Goals for Reading Comprehension, including Strategies

Reading comprehension is such an essential skill. Being able to decode is not enough.

Most government statistics tell us that about half of our prison population is functionally illiterate. And, there is a huge comorbidity rate between dyslexia and suicide.

How to Improve Reading Comprehension Each child is different and will respond to different strategies. The devil is in the details: taking the time to get to know the child and what works for them.

IEP Goals for Reading Comprehension

The student will be able to comprehend literary texts suitable for their grade level (e.g., stories, legends, and poems) by achieving clear and quantifiable targets.

Examples of IEP Reading Goals

Here are other areas of reading, though most of this post focuses on comprehension.  - Decoding  - Fluency  - Finding Key Ideas and Details  - Inferences  - Vocabulary

Reading Comprehension: Websites for Kids and Parents

It might be as simple as having an evening reading discussion where you read a book/chapter to them, and discuss it afterward.

Tests That evaluate Reading Comprehension

After receiving the results, it's recommended to search for the protocols online to ensure that the test evaluated both reading skills and comprehension.

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