40 IEP Goals for Executive Functioning Skills

Executive function encompasses various cognitive processes, including problem solving, attention, memory, verbal reasoning, planning, flexibility, monitoring actions, initiation, inhibition, and multitasking.

Looking for IEP goals in executive functioning, focus and attention, independent functioning, and organization/study skills? This is the place for you!

What is Executive Functioning Disorder? If a child lacks the ability to do any of the following, you should ask that they are evaluated for Executive Function Dysfunction.

Executive Functioning IEP Goals

Simply put, how frequently does the student perform this task? Is it done daily or weekly? And, how much assistance is required from the teacher in terms of check-ins or verbal cues?

Executive Function goals for IEP-WISC

The student will improve task focus and processing speed through class-wide use of timers and cues in the regular classroom.

Problem-Solving Goals for an IEP

Given training in and visual reminders of, self-regulatory scripts student will manage unexpected events and violations of routine without disrupting classroom activities.

Time Management IEP Goals

Given a routine, the student will indicate what steps or items are needed and the order of the events.

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