39 Behavior Goals for an IEP including Adaptive Behavior

If you’re having trouble defining what it is that your child is struggling with, sometimes reading over goals describing desirable behavior can help get you there.

If you are looking for Social Emotional goals, I have a list of those too. If you don’t find what you need here, you made find it there. Or, check the IEP Goal Bank.

Behavior is a complex topic, and you cannot talk about behavior goals without also talking about FBAs, discipline, manifestation hearings, and so on.

Can you have Behavior Goals without an FBA?

Yes, but starting with an FBA is best practice. Without evaluating behavior, it's hard to determine the need for behavior goals.

Can you have a Behavior Plan without an IEP?

Yes, I've seen it done, although I didn't question its validity as it wasn't my client. Some kids may only need behavior support.

Teach the skill or accommodate the deficit.

It’s very easy to lay out expectations of what you wish a child to do. Classroom behavior goals are never going to happen if the foundation isn’t there.

Behavior Goals for an IEP

Numerous excellent sources are available, and I've added some goals I wasn't fond of. If the goal you require isn't here, explore the IEP Goal Bank.

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