19 Work Completion IEP Goals and Examples (Task Completion)

Work completion or task completion refers to the ability to finish a given assignment, project, or task to the best of one’s ability, and to do so within the allotted time frame.

It's a vital skill in academics, work, and personal life, enabling individuals to meet deadlines, achieve goals, and find satisfaction in their achievements.

Work completion or task completion involves several key components, including planning, organization, time management, and the ability to stay focused and motivated.

What is Work Completion?

Work completion at school involves ensuring that all the necessary assignments are finished on time, with proper understanding of the concepts and subjects taught.

Work Completion IEP Goals

By [date], [student name] will complete [number]% of assigned work tasks independently and accurately.

Work Completion IEP Goals

Given a list of [number] tasks, [student name] will prioritize the tasks based on importance and complete them within the allotted time frame with [number]% accuracy.

Work Completion Accommodations

Accommodations and IEP goals for students with learning disabilities should be tailored through collaboration between the school's IEP team and the healthcare team at home.

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