127 Student Strength Examples to Swipe for your IEP

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting our kids’ needs met on an IEP, we forget to address student strengths on an IEP.

Your Child’s Strengths IDEA is pretty clear about a student’s strengths being considered as part of IEP development. It’s even first on the list!

What are your Child’s Strengths? We know our kids are great kids, with a lot of assets and qualities to offer the planet. But under stress, we draw a blank.

Student Strengths in the IEP

The strengths should be identified, either through evaluations or anecdotal information from parents and teachers.

Student Strengths Examples

- Is curious about the world around him/her. - Has a good sense of time, can plan. - Fun fashion sense as a means of expression.

Types of Strengths for Students

1. Academic strengths 2. Academic strengths 3. Social strengths 4. Social strengths 5. Physical strengths 6. Leadership strengths

Academic Skills or Strengths

1. Strong study skill 2. Strong analytical skill 3. High levels of motivation 4. Good communication skill 5. Ability to think critically

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