11 Sample IEP Goals for Focus and Attention  (+5 Accommodations) 

A school day has a lot of hours in it. Some of those hours are just not going to be the highlight of a child’s day.

Direct instruction can lead to daydreaming, loss of focus, or "Charlie Brown adult sounds" (blah blah blah), which happens to everyone during extended periods of focus.

Now add in someone who is not interested in the topic at hand, or the individual with ADHD, Autism, Specific Learning Disability, or other classifications or diagnoses.

Focus and Attention

Focus and Attention

State training, with physical activity and meditation, effectively enhances attention and focus as demonstrated in the study.

What are IEP Goals for Focus and Attention?

IEP goals for focus aim to enhance the concentration and task persistence of students with ADHD or attention-related challenges.

Why are IEP Goals for Focus and Attention Important?

IEP goals for focus and attention are crucial for students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or other attention-related challenges.

Goals for Attention

The student will improve their ability to shift attention between tasks with 80% accuracy, as measured by teacher observation and data collection, in 3 out of 4 opportunities.

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