100 Functional Life Skills IEP Goals | Independent Functioning

IEPs focus on the "I." Any student with life skills as a listed area of need can have life skills IEP goals, regardless of their classroom placement.

Life Skills-IEP Goals and Objectives. You may look at this list and say, “Hey, you said these were IEP transition goals! These are just independent living skills!”

Independent Living Skills What’s important is that the maximum level of independence is being supported. And that your child is as independent and as safe as possible.

Independent Functioning Reading Goals

The student will identify personal data that have been written by others when this personal information appears on documents.

Independent Living Safety Goals

1. Will locate familiar school places (nurse, library, vice-principal, cafeteria, elective classes, etc.). 2. Will identify a home address.

Activities of Daily Living IEP Goals

This section is quite lengthy. Consider grouping multiple goals together with specific objectives beneath, even if a student requires numerous goals.

Life Skills Math Goals for an IEP

1. Match objects to objects (one-to-one correspondence). 2. Count with meaning. 3. Identify and match numerals. 4. Match objects that occur in pairs.

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