How do I get an IEP?

Is your child struggling at school? Are his/her grades going down? Has there been an increase in behaviors, or maybe school refusal?

The best advice I can give is: Go with your gut!

Most parents come to this site with nothing more than a gut feeling that something isn’t going right. I’m here to help you define your gut feelings and turn them into action steps.

The second best piece of advice I have is: If you end up living “the IEP life” then fully immerse yourself in it. A little bit at a time.

The IEP process is overwhelming and complex. I have a ton of information on here, but don’t try to drink from the firehose.

Getting Started with IEPs

With an IEP, you don’t actually ask the team for an IEP. You ask that your child “be evaluated for special education services.” I have letter templates and all the information you need below. Or, search for the information you need.

iep initial evaluations
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IEP Testing and Evaluations: What Parents Should Know | Timelines | Initial Evals

IEP Evaluations Different variations of questions come up about IEP evaluations all the time. Parents are unclear about timelines, what ...
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how to get an IEP children in school smiling and happy
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How to get an IEP for your Child, explained by a Special Education Advocate.

How to get an IEP. Gather your thoughts about your child and their struggles at school.Decide if meeting with the ...
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I asked for an IEP and I was offered RTI_504 instead woman on couch annoyed
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I asked for an IEP and was offered a 504/RTI instead.

I asked for an IEP and was offered a 504/RTI instead. I have lots of friends who are teachers. One ...
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sample letter requesting IEP evaluations templates typewriter on table
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How to Request IEP Evaluations + 25 other IEP letter templates.

Sample Letters to Request IEP Evaluations You will definitely want to bookmark or pin this post. I have often said ...
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trying to get iep
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