Trunki Suitcase

The Trunki Suitcase is so much more than a carry-on suitcase. The Trunki Suitcase transforms ordinary luggage into an adventure for children. This suitcase is a must-have if you are traveling with little ones. They can sit on the suitcase. They can easily pack it.

It’s small enough for them to pull the suitcase themselves. The best part, each suitcase comes in the shape of an animal, insect, etc.

Trunki kids ride on carryon luggage

My biggest regret about buying a Trunki suitcase for my kids is that we waited so long and took so many trips before we purchased one! I don’t know what I was waiting for. I had heard how great they are and bought one as a gift for my niece.

But despite taking many trips with my own kids, I didn’t purchase one for them until two years ago. I have found the Trunki to be one of the best travel accessories or suitcases for kids that is out there. I don’t know how families travel without a Trunki. Every time we are in an airport, we get multiple compliments and inquiries about it.

Trunki Ride on Suitcase

It lasts beyond the recommended age limit: Trunki says it is for ages 3-6, but our family is using them at 7, 8 and beyond. My son has the tie-dyed green one, so it’s by no means babyish and I see him using it for a few more years.

They help kids prioritize what is to be packed: My kids now know the packing rules: if they want to bring any toys or personal items, it must all be able to fit in the Trunki. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t go.

What Age can Ride on a Trunki Suitcase?

Kids can sit and ride on the Trunki: How cool is this idea? If your child is tired of walking, they can sit on the Trunki! This has been a lifesaver for us in airports a number of times. It holds up to 100lbs as a ride-on suitcase. It also has a special strap and I have seen parents pulling their kids on Trunkis through airports. No more, “But I don’t wannnnaaaa walk anymore.”

Where Can I Buy a Trunki Suitcase?

Trunkis are affordable: A brand new Trunki runs about $100. Amazon has a few discontinued (but still really cute!) styles for $35 and up. Most stores that sell Melissa and Doug items will also sell the Trunki, so ask. I bought ours when my son’s school had a Melissa and Doug fundraiser. (Note, due to popularity, prices have risen on Amazon and other retailers, but I have seen them as low as $20 on ebay.)

They make a great gift: If you have a special needs gift to give in this price range, it’s perfect. Clothing that you pick doesn’t always fit or isn’t their style, and it’s a better option than a toy.

But it also makes a great play item: It’s not a toy, but my boys play with theirs all the time, even when we do not have any travel plans. They ride it around the house. Kids love the Trunki!

They wear well and maintain resale value: These are made really well and last long. When your child finally does outgrow their Trunki suitcase, I see these as consignment sales all the time, selling for $20-$25 in good condition. Can’t beat that!

Kevin sitting on his Trunki carry on in the Denver airport.
Waiting for our luggage, he had the perfect place to sit.

What Size is the Trunki Suitcase?

The Trunki is carry-on size! The Trunki meets all carry-on size requirements for hand luggage. So you know it will fit and be allowed.

  • Trunki is hard sided
  • It weighs 1.7kg / 3.8lb
  • The trunki can hold 18 litres / 4 gallons

The Trunki is hard-sided: This was a huge lifesaver for us on our last trip. I purchased several souvenir mugs and glasses, but our personal luggage is soft-sided duffel bags. How was I going to get them home without breaking? I wrapped them up and told my son that he’d have to forfeit half of his Trunki for the flight home. Not a problem, his (unbreakable) things went in my suitcase and we got our souvenirs home safely and unbroken. I also use this feature to carry meds and rescue meds for Kevin.

It comes in lots of great colors: My niece has the ladybug one and we have the tie-dyed one. There are many cool colors and options for all kids. Trunki children make great traveling buddies!

That’s more than enough for a favorite teddy bear or your assortment of play weapons, as shown above. No, we did not try to travel with those. Pretty sure we would have been flagged by TSA at the airport. Even if he was just a preschooler at the time.

Trunki Suitcase Sale

Several years ago, Trunki was acquired by Melissa and Doug. Check their website for deals on the Trunki suitcase.

We have always loved Melissa and Doug toys.

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