The Timothy School- Educational Advocate’s Perspective

Here is another APS that we looked at for programming needs. Before visiting The Timothy School as an Educational Advocate, I did some background research on it to make sure that the programming “fit the needs” of my client. I have broken it down into categories.

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973 Old Lancaster Road

Berwyn, PA

Professionalism of staff

-greeting and presentation were professional-round table setting with Q&A

-No hand-outs at Open House

-many people there because website said  they practice”ABA” but actually they do not fully practice


-the building is dated and parking is limited. The location is off of a semi-busy street- not a lot of space for kids to play outdoors

Recreational Activities

-music program seemed to be very inspiring-kids all had an instrument to play while we were there

-the gymnasium is where main activities take place- not very large

-Physical Ed.

-playground-small-but 5-year-olds will like to get out and play

Programming specifics

-Ages served- 5- years to 18 years

-Populations served- Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD

-Student/Teacher ratio 2:1

-Individualized curriculum for communication, self-help, cognition, motor and life skills

-Behavioral programming as well as social skills building

-Speech therapy

-Music Therapy

-Art Therapy

-OT provided

-Community-Based Instruction

Clinical Team Members

-Speech and Language Therapists

-Special Education Teachers

-Occupational Therapists

-Music Therapists/Art Therapists

Concerns for my client

– No PT on site

-Do not practice full ABA when client would like for the needs of the student

-vision specialist not on-site-would need to be brought in as consult

-feeding specialist not on-site-need to be addressed with OT and SL

-Orientation and Mobility Specialist not on-site-would need to be brought in as consult

-serves more of the ASD needs

That was my experience with The Timothy School.  It was not the right fit for my client but does fit the needs for many other children that are on the Autism Spectrum. Please feel free to contact them for a visit to view it for yourself.


NOTE: The tuition for The Timothy School is very expensive. You must go through a process-screening, interview, and acceptance to get into the Timothy School but also need your School District’s approval. This is when the proper facilitation of the IEP process is necessary for placement.

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