15 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids {that are NOT a turkey hand print!}

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Remember when you were a preschooler or in the primary grades and you learned how to trace your hand and turn it into a turkey? Wasn’t that handprint turkey just the coolest thing ever? We’d use our Crayola crayons and make each feather a different color.

Mind you, I love the turkey handprint. I love seeing how small their hands were! But, you can only trace your hand so many times. If you have kids to entertain this Thanksgiving, take a look at these simple Thanksgiving crafts for kids. They don’t require you to buy a ton of supplies. These crafts don’t require time-consuming prep work either. But, I think the kids will enjoy it and it’s much better than just thrusting some crayons and printer paper at them and saying, “Here, trace your hand and make a turkey!”

turkey crafts

Not that I’ve ever done that. Just an example ;)

Thanksgiving Activities

Here are some options in case you just want to make it super easy and stress-free for you. Order these kits and activities from Amazon and boom, instant craft activity!

Turkey Crafts

Enjoy these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids. And, all of them are not a Turkey handprint. The number of the activity should match the number on the collage. Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Soda Pop Tab Turkey-from Crafty Morning
  2. Coloring Matching Turkey Craft-from I Heart Crafty Things
  3. Doily Turkey-from I Heart Crafty Things
  4. Foam Leaf Turkey-from All Kids Network
  5. Paper Towel Roll Turkeys-from Keeping It Simple Crafts
  6. Paper Plate and Ribbon Turkey-from Blitsy
  7. Turkey Suncatchersfrom Creative Family Fun
  8. Paper Plate Turkey Wreath-from I Heart Crafty Things
  9. Turkey Bookmark with Video Instructions-from Red Ted Art
  10. Turkey Gobble Globes-from I Love to Create
  11. Thankful For Turkey Craft-from Preschool Alphabet
  12. Candy Corn Turkey Craft-from Crafty Morning
  13. Thanksgiving Turkey Craft with Feathers-from I Heart Crafty Things
  14. Elbow Macaroni Turkey Craft-from I Heart Crafty Things
  15. Leaf and Feather Turkey Craft-from Babycenter
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