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“I don’t know what to ask for!”

Does that sound familiar? I hear it often from parents.

But guess what? THOSE DAYS ARE OVER.

My IEP Toolkit will guide you through my exclusive 4-step plan to addressing your IEP concerns™.

IMAGINE THAT! A plan! Yes, a concrete, action-step-driven, logical plan that follows the IEP process.

iep toolkit
I just wanted to say your IEP binder helped us tremendously to stay organized through all the chaos of the process. At first my son was only on a 504 plan, but with the support of your IEP information and tips, I was able to successfully advocate for my son to receive his IEP testing. This IEP binder really helped me navigate that process to hold the school personnel accountable and keep me on top of my son’s progress! Thank you!
Kim B
Mom to One with a SLD

You Deserve Less IEP Stress!

The IEP organizer helped me to be on even footing with the IEP teams for both of my sons. It didn’t just help me stay organized. I was able to review what was working and what wasn’t, and it also let me plan for the future. An added bonus was that I looked professional when bringing it with me so my concerns were taken seriously.
Mayra Z
Mom to 2 with Autism

For a limited time, get complete access to my complete IEP Toolkit–a Digital Library of IEP information and printables.

200 Pages sounds like a lot. It does, I get it.

But they are organized into 4 actionable steps that you can follow.

  • Organize: Because effective advocacy begins with documentation and your paper trail.
  • Identify: Once you know what documentation you have, and your options, you can begin to identify what to ask for.
  • Section 3 takes you to steps to compiling an effective letter to your IEP team.
  • Once those 3 steps are complete, it’s about using your Parents Rights to follow up and monitor.

And it’s all explained in the IEP Toolkit!

AndIEP Goal Trackermore!

By Moms, for Moms.

I created my first IEP Binder prototype in 2007. Since then, with help from other IEP moms, it is not the IEP toolkit.

These are the exact lists, worksheets and checklists that I use for my clients as a Special Education Advocate.

me kevin

This is just some of what is included. Over 200 pages total.

iep toolkit
Arrives as a PDF via email.

It felt so empowering to walk in to my son’s annual IEP with everything laid out and organized so well, as well as having notes written up and pertinent information at my fingertips. Our team was pleased too!”
Patty H
Mom to a Middle Schooler with an IEP

Money Back Guarantee

All of my products come with a 14-day money back guarantee.

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