Here are some resources for parents, teachers, clinicians, and others who need to talk about Israel with children who are autistic, intellectually disabled, or need more support to process these events.

First, on Friday, October 13, at 10:45 a.m., I am hosting two friends and individuals on my Facebook page to discuss this. You can RSVP HERE.

Join me and Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer and Jaime Bassman from Whole Community Inclusion initiative of Jewish Learning Venture

We’ll be taking your questions and sharing strategies on how to talk about the war is Israel with your disabled and neurodivergent children.

Is your child’s anxiety increasing? Are they perseverating on the news on TV? We’ll offer ideas, resources, supports and more.

We’ll take live Q&A as time allows.

Join us on the ADayInOurShoes Facebook page (NOT HERE inside the event) at 10:45 for a live, frank discussion about these events.

A replay will be made available after the event and added to this article (the one you’re reading right now) so that it is accessible to those not on Facebook.

A woman engaging in conversation with a girl sitting on the couch, discussing Israel with autistic and learning disabled individuals.

Jaime was kind enough and resourceful enough to share a few more resources.

Resources to Talk with Kids about the War in Israel and Palestine

First, here is a social story about Israel from the Jewish Autism Network.

JKid Philly also has a comprehensive list of resources to use. Note: *adapted from an email sent by Perelman Jewish Day School. Here is a partial listing.

Going to their website, you will find age-specific resources, prayers, and more.

Beverly Socher-Lerner of the Makom Community has a list of how they approach the topic with the children at Makom Community. You can read it by clicking that link.

Please stay tuned to this post; we will update it as more resources are shared with us.