Essential IEP Tools to Advocate for your Child

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Are you tired of not feeling confident and prepared for IEP meetings? Here are some products that many Moms say they “wish they’d had from the beginning.”

Don’t go through another IEP year without these.

Every IEP parent should have one of these. If you’re tired of wasting your time at IEP meetings and feel like you’re not being heard, then this is for you. See it in action.

It’s easy to use. The IEP planner is a systemic way of organizing all the paperwork that comes with an IEP. And, if you purchase the bundle, you get the IEP goal tracking worksheet which helps with progress monitoring.

New! Covid Specific Printables!

The pandemic and distance learning has our heads ready to explode, right? No worries, I’ve got you covered. I added almost a dozen covid-specific pages for you to choose from–everything from revisiting accommodations due to Zoom learning, how to monitor progress/regression and tracking service hours.

If you don’t know what to say in a Parent Concerns Letter or get so busy that you forget to bring up some relevant concerns, then this is for you.

Welcome to a Less Stressful IEP Process.

The format of this product is designed to make the IEP process easier for parents. It works in conjunction with this website, so if you ever have further questions to ask, you know where to go.

You get a lifetime of use. Once you purchase this product, all future updates are included, for free.

But don’t take it from me. Listen to other moms who have already purchased one.

And, she’s an attorney!

Want to look more professional at IEP meetings?

IEP Planner Binder for Parents

The IEP Planner/Organizer will be sent to you in a PDF format. If you have the version of Adobe software that lets you edit PDF documents, you only have to fill out the essential information one time. Then, print new ones each time you need one.

It’s reusable and customizable. Have more than one kid with an IEP? No worries, you only have to purchase one…and use it for their entire school career. When I update the IEP planner, you get the updates for free.

IEP Planner for Parents

  • ‘IEP Year at a Glance’ one-sheet page for you to keep track of all of your annual deadlines and timelines in the IEP process.
  • Student at a glance page to keep track of all special needs information such as insurance, medical assistance and more.
  • Quarterly calendars and update pages to monitor and document your child’s progress.
  • Explanation of IEP timelines so that you can accurately monitor and plan for your child’s evaluations, IEP meetings and more.
  • Workbook and guidelines for you to create a “Vision Statement” for your child’s IEP to get all team members to share the same vision for your child.
  • Has the details and specifics you need to stay organized, but allows for flexibility so that you can customize it to best suit your needs.
  • The new 2019 and 2020 version of the IEP organizer
  • The IEP Vision Statement/Future Planning Workbook
  • “Are you ready for your IEP Meeting?” checklist
  • IEP Goal Tracking Worksheet-Track those IEP goals from year to year!
  • Booklet of IEP Accommodations and Strategies
  • IEP One Sheet or “at a glance” to introduce new teachers to your child’s IEP
  • Printable list of Sensory Accommodations
  • The old version of the IEP organizer (because some prefer the older version!)

The IEP Planner helps you get results.

Use it, and you will be a better IEP advocate for your child.

I created this because of my child’s complex medical needs. From a very young age, he had many service providers and I was overwhelmed with the papers and files. More importantly, I had difficulty choosing what to focus on when it was time to meet with his team. It took me a few days, but I sat down and developed this IEP planner.

My IEP planner binder was so well received everywhere I went. Other parents and service providers said, “you should sell that!” So I am.

Not gold prices. All my products start at $0.99 and up. Click image for more information.

Once again, thanks for looking, reading and shopping. Your purchases go to support the plethora of free IEP advice for parents that is available here. I don’t think any parent should have to IEP alone. Don’t forget the IEP podcast!

Make this your last year for being unorganized.

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