School Shutdowns | Official Dept of Ed Guidance from all 50 States.

School Closed for the 2019/20 Year

Well, what a time to be alive, huh? I said it in another post, but all at once it feels like things are happening so fast, and time is standing still. And, after having been quarantined for about 5 weeks, I have weird feelings. I want to go out and do all the things I’m missing, and at the same time, I never want it to end. Definitely taxing on our brains and mental health.

I spent some time compiling a bunch of information for everyone. The Facebook group is still active, but certainly not as active as when we are in school. But, when questions come up, parents are asking things like “Is this the same in Texas? Can anyone tell me what Missouri is doing?” So here you go, all in one spot–the COVID-19 guidance for all 50 states.

School Shutdown Information for IEP Parents

First, here are past posts that might contain what you are looking for.

Solutions for Parents

For those of you in the Facebook group, you may recognize the name Hadassah Foster. She’s an advocate out in the Los Angeles area, and she and I did a Facebook Live together, troubleshooting some common parent questions and concerns during this time.

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No Waivers to IDEA

Here is the official recommendation from Betsy DeVos. It includes information on 0-3 and preschool services.


Education + Special Education Guidance

Great, so if you’ve read those articles already but you really need to know what your state has said, no worries. I have all the links for all 50 states. Well, most of the states. I will keep checking, because some states’ websites just wouldn’t load. In those instances, I just linked to the main page and you’re going to have to look around from there. If you want me to fix your state, or you find a broken link, feel free to email me.

Please share this with as many parents as needed. I spent quite a bit of time on it, so I want as many to benefit from it as possible!

COVID-19 Education Information for All 50 States

I’m including it in two formats. Sometimes the embed feature doesn’t work for me, so go past it and see the download feature.

Good Luck, stay healthy, and we will get through this.

Here is an embedded document if you cannot see the first one. If you want to keep it, click on “file” and “make a copy.”


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