How to Save Money on Internet Service.

How to Save on Internet

Let’s face it. The internet is a necessity these days. Many schools are requiring homework and projects from students that require access to the internet. And we’re all looking for ways to save money on internet service. Since in many places, it easily exceeds $100 a month.

The Internet allows you to enjoy TV at a much cheaper price. You can keep up with friends and family through social media. And, you can even find free educational websites for your children. The problem is that the average household spends around $100 per month after their promotional offers have ended. If you’re trying to cut your expenses, don’t worry. You can keep your internet, but you can also save money.

save money on internet

How to Save Money on Internet Service

How to Save Money on Internet

Compare prices.

First things first. Call around to the other providers in your area and see how much they charge. Write these prices down along with how much service is after the promotional period, what the speeds are, if there are data caps, and the type of service it is (DSL, cable, etc.). Once you have this information in hand, you can use it against your current provider.

Threaten to cancel.

Call your current provider and ask them to lower your price. Explain how long you’ve been with the company and that you’ve never had a late payment. If they refuse, tell them that you’ve been comparing prices and that other companies are much less expensive. If they still refuse, tell them you want to cancel your service. This will usually get the company working at a cheaper price. You may need to sign another contract for a promotional price but if the price is lower, go with it.

See if you qualify for low-cost internet service.

Some companies like Comcast provide low-cost internet service to certain households–such as low income or living with a disability.

Drop the services and add-ons you don’t need.

Is your internet bundled in with services you don’t need? Drop those services. If you don’t use your landline phone, drop it. If you don’t watch cable TV, drop it. Your actual internet price may rise a bit, but your overall monthly bill should go down with the reduced services.

Consider a lower speed.

If you only use the internet for basics, consider lowering your speed. If you’re not streaming TV, movies, or games, you can usually live with a lower speed. Just be aware that you may notice the difference in the beginning.

If you’re paying more than you’d like for internet service, use these tips to cut those costs. You’d be surprised at how much lower your bill can be by taking a bit of time to shop for or ask for a better price.