5 Ideas for a Safe and Fun Halloween during the Pandemic.

Halloween Looks Different this year!

No matter how you like to celebrate Halloween, there is no denying that it is an extremely social event. Even with social distancing, there’s a good chance that Halloween is going to be a bust this year in many communities. But it doesn’t have to be. We have enough time to prepare for a different kind of Halloween. In fact, there are a few ways you can still have a great Halloween with social distancing.

Have an All-Day Movie Marathon

Make a playlist of your family’s favorite Halloween movies that will run for the entire day and include themed snacks and meals to make the whole event feel complete. Be sure to have at least one movie picked by every member of your family so everyone has the chance to watch something they will love. Yes, this is a lot of screen time. But, this is a special occasion and will be a huge morale booster so don’t be afraid of letting the kids have a bit more screen time. One way to feel better about it is by having a 30-minute break between movies in which you have costume races outside and play active games such as Simon Says.

Trick or Treat Around the House

Preschoolers love trick or treating, and if they don’t get the opportunity to take part in it they will be disappointed. But, trick or treating the traditional way won’t be very safe this year. So, instead of having your kids go trick or treating from house to house, have them go room to room instead.

Close all the doors in your house and then have anyone who is too old for trick or treating hide behind the doors with a bowl full of candy. Tell them to go in a circle around the house and once they’ve become distracted at the next door you move to the next empty door.

Let them go around a few times and praise them for their costume. It’s even better if you have a few masks (even just paper masks) you can change into for each door. It isn’t exactly like the real thing, but the kids will have candy and they’ll have fun.

Have a House Party (With just the family in your house)

Put together a music playlist that isn’t just Monster Mash on repeat for two hours, dress up, and have fun! Make a spooky witch’s punch bowl, give the kids some blood-red juice, and have a dance party. If you want you can even make some Zoom calls to friends and family so the kids can have their costumes fawned over.

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or treating is a fantastic alternative to trick or treating that might just be what saves Halloween this year. In fact, I believe that so much I have an entire article that explains what it is and why it is going to be such a lifesaver this year.

Decorate Inside the House

Normally we decorate the outside of our house for Halloween and don’t do a whole lot for the inside. Well, why not flip the script this year?! We’re spending more time in our houses than ever before and some redecoration on the inside will be what makes it feel like Halloween this year.

Here are more At-Home Ideas To Have A Fun and Safe Halloween This Year!

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