15 Clever Uses for Swimming Pool Noodles.

Got Cheap Pool Noodles?

Pool noodles are like the simplest yet one of the greatest inventions ever. There are so many uses for a pool noodle. So simple, yet creative, fun and educational! Yes, educational pool noodles. The other day I was out shopping, and there was a ton of summer stuff on clearance.

pool noodles uses non swimming

Sure, it’s slim pickins’ as far as variety, but stuff is soooo cheap. I saw pool noodles for 10 cents. A dime! But I couldn’t think of what I would use a pool noodle for. Even though they were just a dime, I passed. I should have bought those pool noodles in cheap bulk at that price. I had no idea that I would find so many uses for pool noodles.

Creative Pool Noodle Activities

D’oh! I just quickly said to myself “eh, we don’t have a use for them.” Then I started poking around online, because I am not creative. But I know that lots of other moms and teachers are clever at this stuff. Sure enough, when I went back to get them a few days later, they were gone.

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pool noodle uses not swimming

Here are the ideas and they should match up with the photo.

Educational Uses for a Pool Noodle

  1. Mix and Match Creature Blocks-from And Next Comes l
  2. Teach Phonics with Pool Noodles-from We Are Teachers
  3. Alphabet Match Activity-from A Dab of Glue Will Do
  4. Pool Noodle Memory Game-from Surviving a Teacher Salary
  5. Word Activities with Pool Noodles-from Early Learning Ideas
  6. Fine Motor Skills with Pool Noodles-from Learning 4 Kids
  7. Poole Noodle Literacy and Math Rods-from A Neighborhood Kindergarten
  8. Alphabet Tower-from A Crafty Living
  9. Pool Noodle Appleseed Counting-from Life Over C’s
  10. Pool Noodle Number Boats-from The Elementary Math Maniac
  11. Alphabet Knock Down-from Toddler Approved
  12. Caterpillar Counting-from I Can Teach My ChildBuilding Pool Noodle Structures with Toothpicks-from Little Bins for Little Hands
  13. Marble Run Activity with Pool Noodles-from Little Bins for Little Hands
  14. Pool Noodle CVC Words Activity-from Planning Playtime
pool noodles creative fun educational
Check out this fabulous idea from WeAreTeachers.

Looking for cheap pool noodles?

Try Dollar Tree!

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