8 Easy-to-Grow Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

Plants that Repel Mosquitoes from your Yard

So if you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know I’m kind of a freak about bugs, mosquitoes, mosquito bites and so on. This is because twice in his lifetime, Kevin developed cellulitis from a mosquito bite. And yes, he’s non-verbal, with a high pain/discomfort threshold, so things can spiral downward for us quite quickly.

Mosquitoes carry a wide range of communicable diseases and risks to the general public. These pests can put a damper on outdoor gatherings and simply relax outside on a cool summer evening. You can slather yourself in bug repellent or burn citronella candles to help repel mosquitoes there are other things you can do to make your yard less appealing to these unwanted insects.

plants that repel mosquitoes

Growing plants that naturally repel mosquitos is a great way to reduce how many mosquitoes venture into your yard, garden, or entertainment space. Being intentional when planting your garden beds and adding potted plants near doors can help keep your patio and even inside your home bug-free so you can enjoy your summer without the itching.

Plants that Help Repel Mosquitoes

Marigolds – When it comes to decorative flowers for helping to repel mosquitoes and other pests in your garden and entertaining areas marigolds are a great option. These beautiful bright flowers with nice green foliage grow fast helping to fill in your space for a great addition to your decorative areas.

Lemongrass – Lemongrass is well known for its ability to repel mosquitoes. This grassy herb is where citronella comes from. This is a great backdrop for other plants due to its tall grassy nature. This herb can be used in your kitchen for your favorite Asian and Indian-inspired dishes or as a flavoring for seafood and poultry. Lemongrass stalks can get used as straws for a natural biodegradable option.

Basil – Basil makes a great addition to your favorite Italian dishes. Its strong fragrance is a great repellent for mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. When your basil grows tall and bushy harvest for a big batch of homemade pesto. Basil can grow well with your tomatoes and peppers for a great companion planting combination or be used to add leafy foliage to flower beds.

Mint – Growing mint is a great way to help repel insects from your entertainment areas while adding a fresh and earthy fragrance. This herb can be used for everything from deserts to fresh tea making it an all-around useful herb. Mint is an invasive plant that likes to spread. This makes a great ground cover or edging but if you do not want it to spread you should avoid planting mint outside of a pot.

Lavender – Lavender is one of the most useful herbs and unsurprisingly the strong fragrance is great for repelling mosquitoes. Growing lavender near your entertainment space is a great way to help keep mosquitoes away. You can dry lavender to hand around windows and other areas where mosquitoes may enter the house to help keep them out as well. This woodsy perennial is great for growing in pots and using as an ornamental for the summer. It does prefer full sun making it important to be mindful of placement.

Catnip – Catnip is not only a great way to be the favorite of the neighborhood cats is also a great way to repel mosquitoes. If you have a problem with mice in your area planting catnip around the outside of your home can help keep them out by attracting cats to spend time on hard. Be sure to not plant this near your edibles to prevent cats from hanging out in your vegetable garden. Catnip is a great candidate for a pot to help prevent cats from digging in your garden beds.

Rosemary – Growing rosemary is great for repelling unwanted insects like mosquitoes but it is also great for your kitchen. Rosmentry is a valuable addition to your favorite savory dishes and pasta sauces. Rosemary can be made into a great tea that is said to help with focus and attention as well, making a cup of hot rosemary tea a great tool for work or study.

Sage – Sage has become well known for smoke cleansing but it has more uses. The strong fragrance of sage is great for repelling mosquitoes from your garden while the leaves can be used for flavoring savory dishes. The flowers from sage are a great tool for attracting bees and butterflies to your garden. If you are interested in aiding endangered plants you can grow white sage, a variety that is native to a very small area and facing extinction. (Hint: Look up the Today Show butternut squash soup recipe–which uses fresh sage and it’s to-die-for!)

How to Plant for Repelling Mosquitoes from your Yard

The more plants you have that repel mosquitoes around your yard the better. For the best results when using plants to repel mosquitoes you want to use a variety as just like people some will be bothered by one scent while others will buy another. Consider adding the see plants around the perimeter with fence line garden beds and in your entertainment areas with large potted gardens and decorative garden beds. Mix things up for a nice visual effect while keeping track of where edible plants are so you can take advantage of the many culinary and home uses these plants have to offer.