5 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Mudroom


My house is older so it doesn’t have a mudroom. But, we do have space in the front room which has evolved into a “mud space.” And with all the snow and rain we’re having this year, there’s an emphasis on the mud part.


Just because it’s called a mudroom doesn’t mean I want to deep clean the room each day. Is your family is guilty of tracking mud throughout the entire room or tossing their stuff on the floor?There are some things you can do to help keep the room clean. Let’s look at how to keep your mudroom clean easily. And without constant nagging and yelling. Not that I would know.

5 Tips for a cleaner mudroom

Place Mats Inside and Out-First things first. Place a mat outside the door and inside the door. This will greatly improve the chances of your family leaving most of the dirt, mud, grass clippings, etc. on the mats. If possible, choose a water-absorbing mat for inside the door. On the outside, choose a rough mat that will collect dirt, leaves, grass, etc. These mats will greatly cut down on the amount of dirt that ends up on your floors. I make to purchase mats (at least the indoor ones) that are big enough to meet our needs, but small enough to fit in my washing machine.

Have a Tray for Muddy Shoes-According to this article on Scary Mommy, you should never wear your shoes indoors. Invest in a tray to hold everyone’s shoes. Instruct everyone to put their shoes in the tray. This prevents mud from being tracked all over the room and into the rest of the house. Adopting a ‘no shoes’ in the house policy will keep your home so much cleaner. Not only does it cut down on dirty floors, but it will also help cut down on dust. I got mine at Ollie’s for around $5.

Create a Place for Hanging Coats and Backpacks-Give everyone in the home a place to hang their coat and/or backpacks. If you’re tired of clutter on the floor, do your best to get your family to use the hooks. This keeps the mudroom clean and helps make it easier for your family to find their belongings when heading out the door. I’m working on adding this to a space in our hallway since our front door area doesn’t allow for it. We need hooks. Due to Kevin’s fine motor skills and motor planning issues, he is unable to hang a coat on a hanger in a closet. But he can do a hook.

Give Everyone a Place to Keep Their Things-If you have the room, add a bench that has a built-in cube organizer. Each child can have their own cube for their gloves, scarves, etc. On another shelf, create a spot for your husband to place his loose change, wallet, and keys. Don’t forget about yourself either. Hang a hook to hold your purse. I also have a small wooden crate that holds supplies for the dogs, like their leashes. I keep it simple for both my kids and I find I have a much higher compliance rate when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. No more “But I didn’t know where to put it!”

Keep a Quick Clean Mop Nearby-Last, but not least, keep a quick clean mop, such as a Swiffer Wet Jet, to quickly clean up any dirt or mud. It’s much easier to give the floor a quick swipe than doing a full mop session. I also have a spot for a roll of paper towels and a small trash can.

Your mudroom doesn’t have to be a mess. It also doesn’t have to be an area that needs to be deep cleaned daily or even weekly. You can make it to where your family has an easier time keeping the room clean.

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