Does Live Nation price gouge disabled people?

Does Live Nation price gouge disabled people? I don’t know. Sounds like there might be something to this, based on a story that was shared in an activism Facebook group that I am in. Read on (paragraph breaks are mine to make it easier to read):

FYI to anyone who orders accessible tickets through TicketMaster or attends events promoted by Live Nation. In March, I purchased 3 handicap accessible tickets in section 117 for the Sept 8th Luke Bryan concert at Citizen Bank Park. The cost of the tickets were $100 each.

A few days before the concert I was checking to see if there were any tickets left in our section and saw that the seats for every row (33 rows) except the handicap row (row 34) were only $50. I called TicketMaster to question this and requested a refund of the extra $50 per ticket I paid and was told that all the handicap seats in the 100 level were $100 (regular seats were $50 – $70) and they were not able to give me a refund because it was the venue who set the pricing.

I was told to call the venue (Citizens Bank Park) which I did. Citizen Bank Park told me that they have no control over the pricing for a non Phillies event and there wasn’t anything they could do about issuing a refund. They felt so bad about the way TicketMaster was price gouging me they offered me two tickets to a game of my choosing. Class act on their part!

I called TicketMaster back and this time I was told that it was the promoter (Live Nation) who sets the pricing and they would contact them to see if a refund could be issued. Via an email I was asked to contact TicketMaster for an “update about my inquiry”. Their “update” was that they were sticking by their original response and that $100 was the price for those seats because they were considered “in high demand”.

I told them that their response was unacceptable and a disgrace and not only unethical, but also illegal. I am trying to spread the word so people realize how Live Nation and TicketMaster are taking advantage of the disabled community. I have a filed complaint with the ADA. Please share this post using all social media means possible. Thank You!

Here is the link to the original post, and I am sharing as she has asked.

If you click the Twitter icon above, a tweet to Live Nation will automatically be generated for you to send. Feel free to share and/or report as you see fit.

Hopefully they will see the error of their ways and make things right. Until then, rethink your purchases from Live Nation, and consider appealing to the artists who use them to use their influence.


Thanks for nothing, Chuck E Cheese.

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