7 life lessons for Disability Moms~Be Unbreakable!

If you are not watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you are missing out. It’s light and fun and so enjoyable…and then when you poke around online, you see all these fun memes and realize that there are some good messages too. Who knew that Kimmy would have so many life lessons for us special needs moms? Be Unbreakable is just the beginning!

Sure, some of it is corny. But sometimes when I’m in a bad spot, I can think of a fun quote I like, or count to 10…and then refocus.

7 life lessons for special needs moms from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

  1. You can do anything for ten seconds. In a bad spot? Then count to ten.
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  2. Life begins when the world doesn’t end. I’ve posted before about our diagnosis day, and how people tell you “well it’s not the end of the world.” Well, actually it is. It is the end of the world you were living in, and we must learn to live in a whole new world. But we adjust. And then life begins. I am so thankful for all of things that Kevin has brought into our lives.
    life kimmy schmidt
  3. We’re different and you can’t break us. We are different. And that’s ok. I’m not going to let you break me. I’m going to stand up for what is right.
  4. I’m not going back and I’m not going to give up. Nope, not giving up.
    Never-give-up kimmy schmidt
  5. You have to listen to your gut. How many times have I said this? Mom instincts are incredible, so don’t let someone talk you out of yours.Listen-your-intuition kimmy schmidt
  6. Females are strong as hell. Enough said. We are.
  7. Be you. Be what you want. And then become unbreakable.

If you like these quotes, you are going to love the show, so go check it out. A new set of episodes was just released a few weeks ago.
Now, go eat some candy for dinner!

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