Leaked Executive Orders: ban/deport people with disabilities

Here we go….

Several Executive Orders from the Trump administration have been leaked. This one talks about banning people with disabilities.

Here is the complete draft, published by Washington Post.

Here is the Arc of the USA response:

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Focusing on an individual’s need for support is a form of discrimination against people with disabilities we have seen before. But Congress, in the past, addressed the problem by ensuring that people with intellectual disability are provided accommodations as they try to enter our country legally, become citizens, and achieve the American dream like their peers without disabilities. Broadening the criteria for excluding or deporting immigrants based on need for support will harm people with disabilities and their families who have much to contribute to our society.

The Arc On Leaked Draft Executive Order That Would Impact People with Disabilities Legally Residing in the US and Seeking to Legally Immigrate

And this from Slate: According to a long-standing federal policy, potential immigrants will be barred from the United States if they are likely to become dependent on public assistance. If an immigrant does become a “public charge” within five years of arriving in the country for reasons that can’t be attributed to, say, a disability she developed after settling in the U.S., she can be deported. The idea is that immigrants choose to settle in America, and U.S. taxpayers can reasonably expect that such voluntary entrants can provide for themselves.

For what it is worth, other countries do this, even supposed “nice” countries like Canada and European/Scandinavian countries–they don’t let you move there and establish residency if you are disabled. Still, I don’t like it.

Just one more reminder that basically the whole world thinks that our kids are “less than.” The whole world sees our kids, and instead of seeing a kid, they see the dollar signs of service costs.

Guess I shouldn’t have expected anything else from this administration.


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