IEP Goals, Accommodations and Strategies

IEP Goals, 504 Accommodations and Strategies

When developing your child’s IEP, it is important to remember the I in IEP. However, no need to build another mousetrap. You can read over our many lists of IEP goals, IEP accommodations, IEP strategies and supports, and 504 accommodations and modify them to meet your child’s needs.

I have IEP goal and accommodation ideas for just about everything!

juvenile arthritis iep 504

Juvenile Arthritis | 504 Plans and IEP Accommodation Ideas

Juvenile Arthritis | IEP | 504 According to the Arthritis Foundation, over 300,000 American children have Juvenile Arthritis. The most common type of arthritis in children is called juvenile idiopathic arthritis (idiopathic means “from unknown causes”). There are several other forms of arthritis affecting children. Juvenile arthritis is a rheumatic disease or one that causes loss …

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juvenile arthritis iep 504