15 Winter Handprint Art and Craft Ideas

Handprint Crafts

Handprint and fingerprint crafts for kids can be a wonderful way to work on any number of skills. With winter and the holidays coming, I thought I would round up a bunch of different ideas for doing handprint, fingerprint and footprint crafts with kids. There are so many winter and Christmas themed crafts for kids that use handprints and fingerprints as the base.

These handprint and fingerprint winter crafts for kids are also usually pretty inexpensive to do. Included on this list are a few winter-themed crafts rather than just all Christmas and holiday. So you can do some in January and February too. I am building up a library of ideas and supplies in anticipation of a LOT of snow days again this year. Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but last winter was so long…this year I want to be prepared.

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I’ve included winter book suggestions at the end of the post, plus behind some of the crafts, I have listed songs that I found on YouTube. I think for Christmas songs and snowman songs, you’ll be able to think of lots of them.

  • Sensory: Use different types of paints, finger paints, gel paints… so kids can feel different textures.
  • Sensory: Do add-ons like adding colored sand, cotton, softwood shavings…to give different feels and textures to their designs.
  • Vocab & Storytelling: Talk about whatever craft item you are doing. Colors, matching, sequencing.
  • Fine motor: Assembling the craft.
  • Personal growth: Pride in their project, completing a project, happiness in presenting to others.

When Kevin was little, Polar Bear Polar Bear was one of his favorite books. Making a polar bear handprint was the first activity we did. Then, I realized that he can do these and he enjoys them. So, I set about finding a few more.

Handprint Art Ideas

To make it a little easier, I have separated the list into winter handprint and Christmas handprint crafts.

Christmas Handprint Art

  1. Footprint Sleigh & Thumbprint Santa Christmas Scenes
  2. Handprint Christmas Tree
  3. Seasons of Love Handprint Art
  4. Reindeer and Snowman Thumbprint Christmas Tags
  5. Fingerprint ornaments
  6. Fingerprint Snowman Family Keepsake Ornament

January Winter & Snowman Handprint Crafts

  1. Handprint Penguin and Fingerprint Snowman
  2. Footprint Penguin Canvas KeepsakeParty like a Penguin song, The Penguin Dance
  3. Handprint Polar Bear
  4. The Polar Bear Song from Youtube, and of course Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear? Our favorite!
  5. Winter Handprint Art-fun handprint art blog
  6. Handprint Mittens Craft
  7. Handprint Snowman with Poem
  8. Footprint Snowman

Winter Books to accompany Winter Handprint Art

Have fun with it. I hope it’s fun for you if you’re stuck inside this winter.

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