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I am a reformed Extreme Couponer who was raised by a Depression-era grandmother. That’s a polite way of saying “I’m a cheapskate.”

Ok, maybe a little. Truth is, I don’t mind spending money. What I mind is spending money unnecessarily. So my inner cheapskate is always looking for ways to cut back on spending in our household. I used to have a deal/coupon blog, so I’m used to sharing tips about this stuff. Some of what you will find here:

printable Christmas Expense Tracker

Holiday Spending | How to Control Christmas Overspending | Free Printable

Holiday Spending Holiday spending is great. Overspending at Christmas is not. And, when you’ve had a particularly tough year, you might be extra tempted to overdo it on Christmas spending. Every year, the Christmas decorations come out in the stores earlier than the year before. TV advertisers tell us about the “great deals” as soon …

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Christmas Expense Tracker printable
save twenty dollars a week

How to Save $20 a Week.

An Extra $20 a Week? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yesterday I laid out a plan to begin stockpiling for the pandemic with just $20 a week. But hey, we are experiencing record unemployment and job losses this year. So for many families, even $20 might be tough. In order to come up with $20 a …

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How to Save $20 A Week