6 Easy Halloween crafts, under $1!

Easy Halloween crafts for under $1!

I recently was asked if I wanted to try some Halloween products and crafts from Oriental Trading Company. I don’t think I’ve ordered anything from there in almost a year, plus it was getting cooler and I was in the fall mood. So, of course, I said “yes!”, placed an order and then offered the items to Kevin’s class. I had talked with his teacher ahead of time.

Kevin goes to an all special needs school and like all schools, money is tight and they love donated items. Plus, since they serve kids with special needs, it can be hard to find age-appropriate activities that are easy enough for the kids to do. Many kids with special needs struggle with fine motor skills but love the bright colors and festivities surrounding Halloween. OTC really came through for us as far as affordable tactile crafts and activities.

Sorting out all our goodies and making plans!

Here is some of what we ordered, in case you look at this post and want to order some for yourself. Note that they come in lots of 8 or 12.

  • IN-13708569, hanging spider ceiling decoration, $6.99
  • IN-13696890, mini orange paper lanterns 4 ½, $8.50
  • IN-13703772, pumpkin-shaped beaded necklaces, $9.99
  • IN-13705461, glitter Halloween mask craft kit, $8.50
  • IN-9/610, mini jack-o-lantern magic springs, $3.99
  • IN-13636755, beware foam plaque, $3.00
  • IN-25/5157, spooky Halloween bag assortment, $5.50
  • IN-25/6478, Halloween candy craft bag with stickers, $10.99
Under $1 each!

Now, I know that I said “under $1!” in the post title. The amounts you see there are not per item. The craft bags came in a lot of 12, so that is under $1 per bag. That’s a great deal! And, the kids had fun doing it. It was tactile, fine motor, festive and age-appropriate for his class.

easy halloween crafts
Kevin working on his Halloween bag.

We have not put together all of the items yet since it is early in the month. I loved the convenience of ordering from OTC. I also like the company. Have you seen them on Undercover Boss? Very interesting and I like that they are improving the employee atmosphere there. What a fun place it would be to work. Anyway, I’m rambling.

They have an amazing assortment of tactile and fine motor crafts, for any holiday, for kids with special needs. And when they are done with the craft, it doesn’t look too babyish, plus they can do it themselves.


easy halloween activity
Kevin and his finished Halloween bag.

Take a look at this cute necklace, you can make them for about $0.60 each! And you could work on lacing, colors, so many things!

Whatever you need for Halloween, they have it. Candy, stickers, costumes, crafts, decorations, tattoos, you name it….so much more than any of the local stores, even the Halloween-specific stores. It’s also easier for me to shop at home and the delivery was fast.

Even if you don’t “do Halloween” because of personal or religious beliefs, they have many fall/autumn options such as just leaves and pumpkins. And all of these are under $1 per craft, many are around $0.50! Look at how cute those witch legs are! And, weaving! What a cute weaving activity! The rhinestones offer lots of bling for students who love bling, and those leaf things–no skills required! They are “magic” leaves that basically, all you have to do is scratch on the paper to make a cool design.

I love this weaving project!


easy thumbprint activity! Rhinestones and bling! The “magic” fall leaves.

Ok, I honestly could look at that site all day and find great deals and great activities for our kids. I might just go order more right now!

Here are more, remember that prices on Amazon change frequently.


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Here is an image to pin to your favorite Fall or Halloween board so that you can always find the information. Please pin!

easy halloween craft

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