These free Earth Day writing activities are perfect for Earth day or really any time of year. It’s a series of several Earth Day writing prompts, but many of them are not Earth Day specific.

They have to do with being green, environmentally responsible and more. These Earth Day Writing Activities and Writing Prompts are the perfect complement to many STEM activities in the classroom or at home.

Free worksheet for an Earth Day acrostic poem with the word "earth" on the left to inspire the starting letter of each line.

For example, one of the earth day writing prompts is an acrostic poem. Acrostic poems are poems in which words are formed based on letters in a line.

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Free Earth Day-themed activity worksheet titled "My Promise to the Earth," with space for drawing and writing a pledge to help the environment.

This Earth Day writing activity–making a promise to Planet Earth–will be fun and interesting for kids to revisit in a few years.

I hope that parents keep them for their kids, so they can see if they kept their promise or not.

Children's educational worksheet themed around Earth Day, featuring writing activities with illustration of a recycling superhero and available as Free PDFs.

Or, how about a short story about Earth Day or recycling? It has a cute coloring picture too.

Those are just 3 of the 5 Earth Day writing activities included in this PDF set.

Earth Day Writing Activities

To see all of the Earth Day writing activities, you can scroll in the window. Use the little arrow in the upper right-hand corner to download this PDF to your computer.

And, don’t miss all the other fun Earth Day stuff we have on the site.

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