I am a huge fan of multi sensory learning, and surrounding kids with language and content. Numerous studies indicate that it helps kids learn. And, it can be applied to any content. Like Earth Day!

Adding in a kids’ activity like color by number activity can also reinforce the concept (like Earth Day) but while practicing other skills like fine motor and number/color recognition.

earth day color by number pages free pdf

Here is what some of the Earth Day color by number pages look like.

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earth day color by number page of the earth

Earth Day Color by Number

earth day color by number page of reduce reuse recycle
color by number page of a lightbulb

There are a few others too. If you scroll down to the PDF Earth Day Color by Number pages, you can scroll through all of them when you download them.

Maybe let kids pick which one they want to do and have them explain why they chose that one. They can work in small groups….there really are lots of possibilities for this Earth Day activity.

If it rains on your plans that day, and you had outdoor Earth Day activities planned, this will be a life saver!

Free PDF Earth Day Color by Number

Here you go–download and use! May be used in a school or commercial setting, but not sold.


And here are even more activities to choose from.

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