Acceptance, Advocacy and Activism

Disability Systems Advocacy. That’s 3 big words, but don’t worry, you can do this. And, we need you to do this. Our world is changing, but change to disability rights isn’t coming quickly enough.

Whether it be a small change in your own home or school to lobbying for Federal legislation, I’ll give you the information, support, stories, and inspiration you need to make the world a better place for our kids.

Some examples:

  1. Why I no longer use the term “Special Needs”
  2. Recognizing Ableism in Autism Awareness Materials
  3. How to Write an OCR complaint
  4. Understanding Special Education Funding in 5 graphics
  5. How To Advocate for Mental Health



I went to a workshop today; it’s a part of the series of workshops to become a certified Special Education Advocate. Today, I sat with Michele (co-author of this blog) as usual, but we also sat with three moms that we’ve never sat with before. (And we gave them the link to this website, so …

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