10 Ways to Turn your Unwanted Clutter into Cash.

clutter into cash
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Sell What you No Longer Use

Thanks to Marie Kondo and the minimalism trend, decluttering is all the rage right now. And with all this stay-at-home time, more are finally tackling closets and basements that they never had time to clean out before.

I have a huge bin of the boys’ stuff tagged and ready to hit a consignment sale whenever it opens again. I usually try to sell things first before I go right to donating the item.

But, in talking with a friend, she was unaware that there are some things that she could be selling instead of donating.

clutter into cash
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Believe it or not, there are things around your home that may be worth more than you thought. Best of all, you have so many selling options.

Reselling Options

You can sell through:

  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Mercari
  • Craigslist
  • Poshmark
  • Amazon
  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook Marketplace and your own personal profile post
  • Look for free classified listings online; many community sites have them
  • Community Bulletin Boards at grocery stores

Even if you have a yard sale, you can make some serious cash. Let’s look at ten categories to declutter and turn into cash. Some options are going to be more work than others (like a yard sale) so you have to decide what will work for you.

For me, I use Facebook groups and consignment sales. And, for Facebook groups, I won’t list an item that’s under $10 and I’m very specific about how far I will go to meet a buyer. This is something I’ve learned through trial and error, and experience.

Spend some time waiting in a parking lot for a no-show buyer for a $2 item…and you’ll rethink it too!

How to Determine Accurate eBay pricing.

How many times have you heard someone exclaim “But these are selling for $500 on ebay!” about a pretty mundane item? Well, sure, you can ask any price you want. Doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Here’s how to determine what things are actually selling for on ebay.

How to Find Accurate eBay Prices

  1. Name your Item.

    Find the item you are interested in selling yourself. Be pretty specific, because the details do matter.

  2. Try a bunch of different phrases until you get a match.

    I’m going to search ‘Nintendo DS XL Mario Edition’ because my son has one that he no longer plays.

  3. Find listings that match the item that you wish to sell. Get as close to it as you can.

    Find a listing that is pretty comparable to what you have, click on it.

  4. In the upper right hand corner, click “advanced.”

    See photo.

    nintendo ds listing
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  5. Look at the prices.

    From there, you’ll get a menu. Adjust as applicable to your item, but make sure you check “sold listings.”

    sold items on ebay
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  6. Find your sweet spot….and sell!

Using this method, I can see that many people ask upwards of $100 for their DS. However, the sold ones are only going for about $40.

Important Pricing Tip for Resale!

Remember, lots of people love to haggle when it comes to buying and selling used. Consider listing your items for 10-25% higher so that you have some wiggle room to negotiate. Or, put a rock-bottom, must sell price and put “will not accept less” if you’re not willing to accept less.

10 Things to Sell instead of Donate

Keep in mind that original price, brand name and wear and tear are all going to factor into how much money you recoup on your items. In my post about consignment sales, I have pricing guidelines from a national re-seller. But generally, for decent stuff, you can expect to recoup about 15-35% of what you originally paid for the item.

  1. Clothing-Many women are turning their old clothing into more than just pocket money. You can declutter your closet and sell your clothing on Poshmark. If you want, you can then reinvest your profits and buy more clothing to sell at Goodwill or yard sales. Poshmark is a very lucrative business for many stay-at-home moms.
  2. Books-Ready to cut the clutter from your bookshelves? Books can sometimes be worth a lot. You can scan books using the eBay or Amazon Seller’s app to see what the book’s worth. While not all books are going to have a good value, some will surprise you. For the rest of the books, group them together and sell through a Facebook yard sale group. I’ve had tremendous success with textbooks. List them by the ISBN number, and you might be surprised.
  3. Movies-Just like books, movies can sometimes be a goldmine – even VHS! The reason VHS tapes may sometimes be worth something is that some movies never made it to DVD or Blu-Ray. They are also becoming harder and harder to find. Just recently, Urban Outfitters announced that they are selling vintage VHS tapes for $40! With Disney+ you might think that Disney DVDs are worthless. However, many families still use portable DVD players for car rides and may be happy for them.
  4. Video Games-Some older games can be a nice profit for your bank account. Again, it’s all about rarity. Games that didn’t get remade for newer systems are often missed by those who played the games as a kid. If you’ve got some of those games lying around, do your research and see what they’re worth.
  5. Toys-Do you have toys your child no longer plays with? Before you toss them in the yard sale bin, check eBay. Some toys can be worth money. Even if you only make a $5, that’s $5 you wouldn’t have otherwise. For consignment sales, I bundle them and sell them at good prices.
  6. Home Décor-Home décor can also be a good seller. Mercari can be a good place to list these items. Everything from cute mugs, new curtains you never got around to using, etc. can all net you a profit. Vintage kitchen items are HUGE right now. So before you dismiss that 1970s-era baking dish, see if you can find one online for sale. You might be surprised at what people are getting for items.
  7. Music Collection-No one buys CDs anymore, right? Wrong. The older generation still enjoys CDs because they don’t want to learn yet another format. Some CDs can be worth $40 or more. Take your time to scan your CDs into the eBay or Amazon seller apps.
  8. Handbags, Accessories, and Shoes-Remember Poshmark from above? It’s also a great place to sell jewelry, handbags, scarves, and more. Gather all the things you’re done with and sell it. And, yes, you can sell the accessories your husband and children no longer want on Poshmark as well.
  9. Watches-Watches are one of those things that can resell at amazing prices. Fossil and other big brands may be worth a lot more than you expected or even paid. Search all the stores you sell with to see which is the best for listing your watches.
  10. Electronics-Last, but not least, even dated electronics can be worth something. You’ll be amazed at how much your old Sony VCR may be worth. Dust off those electronics and start making some money.

The clutter in your home can be turned into an emergency fund or even fund a family vacation. Why not start decluttering your home today? Getting rid of clutter is even good for your mental health!

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