Ah, Sunday mornings. I love them. I often try to feed my dogs later and let them out later than usual on Saturday evenings, so that will buy me some extra time on Sunday mornings. If it’s rainy and cold, I love staying snuggled in bed.

chuck e cheese mascot

I still get a Sunday paper. On warmer days, I love to take my coffee out to the patio and drink it while I read the paper. I often cook big breakfasts on Sundays.

You know what I don’t want to do on a Sunday morning?

Go to &%$#@(* Chuck E. Cheese.

Does anyone?

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about…

Recently Chuck E Cheese announced that it was going to have a  special sensory/autism time at their restaurants. I’m being generous with the term restaurant. Let’s face it, the only reason we eat that crap is because we’re too lazy or too busy to plan a decent birthday party. But I digress…

These special sensory times are one Sunday a month, from 9-11 am.

Who in their right mind wants to spend their Sunday morning there?

On top of that, I’m tired of the autism and special needs community being an after thought. There’s a trampoline place near me, and their special sensory time is one Tuesday a month from 4-6. How super convenient, no?

You know when I want to take my kids to these places? Weekends, during normal hours.

Update: Some locations are actually doing this at 8 am. Yes, 8 am. So now if I want to visit this dump on my own time, I can do it at a time that is even earlier than his school bus. How relaxing.

On Friday night, I was at our family health/fitness center with my kids. I noticed one group doing something, then I realized…they were all wearing Special Olympics tees. So, my health club will allow you to come in on a Friday evening, with the rest of civilized society. It’s not that hard, just open the doors and invite.

I don’t want your down time. I don’t want to wake up and dress everyone early, on the one day each week that we have to relax…just because you think our kids are not profitable enough to come during your busy times. Here’s a tip for both trampoline parks and Chuck E, it’s too loud–and not just for kids with autism. No one needs music blasting at 99 decibels while they bounce on a trampoline. No one needs to encourage small children to be even louder, which is what they must do because it’s so loud in your facilities. Turning down the music is not going to deter customers, believe me.

So really, save it. It’s obvious your motive here–to make even more money during what would normally be a down time. I’ll pass. If you really cared about inclusion and kids with disabilities, you wouldn’t try to shove us to the time slots when no one else is coming.

It’s really kind of sad, when I see some moms sharing this, like it’s some great gift. It’s not. Would it be so hard to have it one Friday night a month? Or a Saturday evening? I don’t think so.

How about you take a chance? Make a stand–don’t shove us where no one will see us. Include us.

I hate patronizing gestures, and this feels really patronizing. You get to feel good, like you’re helping the autism community. You know what? I want my kid to be included, not your charity project.


PS-Probably much like my Tim Tebow prom post, there will be people within the special needs community who disagree with me. That’s your right of course….and go and enjoy yourselves if that is what you want to do.

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