Valentine Candy Conversation Hearts

I feel like candy conversation hearts are like black jellybeans or Peeps. Or candy corn. People either love them or hate them. I am on team #lovethem but I also love Necco wafers. But not the pink ones. So I guess the same would be true for pink candy hearts. If they have that Pepto taste to them, forget it!

But, whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Valentine Candy Hearts are a true sign of the season. When you see them, all you think about is Valentine’s Day.

And, even if a child does not enjoy eating Valentine’s Day candy hearts, you can still incorporate them into many activities. I have a list below of almost two dozen activities that use Valentine’s Day Candy Conversation Hearts as a theme.

Conversation Heart Stem Activities

Science and math and candy conversation hearts? Sure, why not! You can also include

My youngest son will eat anything that is made out of sugar, which candy hearts are. My other son prefers chocolate. So, he also likes the holiday for that reason. Still, in order to have more opportunities to introduce him to new things, I buy a bag of these at this time of year for us to play around with.

Valentine’s Day and Candy Conversation Heart Activities

The first 22 links on this are STEM, STEAM and Sensory activities that use candy conversation hearts. The last 4 links are Valentine’s Day related posts including navigating the holiday when you struggle with a disability and social skills.

I hope you find it helpful and fun!

Wondering how they make Candy Conversation Hearts?

Here’s a fun video from Martha Stewart.

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