Bumble Bee Activities

I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with bees, right? I mean, they’re essential to the planet, but many are afraid of them.

But, we can’t appreciate and save what we don’t know–so it’s important to teach bee appreciation early.

bumble bee
Bee Activity 1 1

And, contrary to popular belief, bumble bees rarely sting people! If you have been stung, it likely was another type of bee, like a hornet, wasp or yellow jacket. But, yes, they can sting so it’s important to teach good bee-havior around bees. (see what I did there?)

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Preschool Bee Activities

If you scroll down, you’ll see a 27 page booklet of activities to download and use. You can do dot painting on one of the sheets, shown below.

I know it says preschool, and yes, the bee activities align with what would be taught in most preschools.

However, if your child is older but has more needs and emerging skills, these would be appropriate for a special education classroom too.

Bee Activity 2 1

Or, you can work on matching with the silly faces on this bee activity

Bee Activity 3 1

There’s lots of great stuff, so take a look. These activities are free for home or school use, but you may not sell them.

Free Printable Bumble Bee Activities

Free IEP Binder
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